«DaF kompakt» komplett in Memrise


you probably already know that «Daf kompakt» from Klett editorial is my favourite book for A1-B1 level.  All the vocabulary I have put into the Memrise database, a flashcard SRS (spaced repetition system) to learn vocabulary. The Spanish version I finished long ago and we are more then 2500 users (!), the fourth most used user created Memrise course in the German-Spanish combination.

As I have more and more English speaking students in my online classes I began to introduce the data also for the German-English version. And I want to announce that it is complete now!!!!


If you are already registered in Memrise you get with the above link directly to my course. If not, you have to register first. During the registration process Memrise will propose you one of their own courses, you won’t be in my course after the registration. You have to come back here and click again on the same link above.

A complete list of all my Memrise courses you can find here:


Enjoy learning with Memrise and give me your comments.

Viel Spaß beim Memrisen

Haltet die Ohren steif


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